User Management

Trillo Workbench provides a user management application for managing application specific user profile, roles and group membership.

User Management Application

Trillo Workbench incorporates a user management application covering following functionalities.

  1. Manage users (admin) - add, delete, suspend, edit, change password.

  2. Manage roles (admin) - add, delete roles.

  3. Groups (user) - create groups, add, remove members.

  4. Role (admin) - create new roles.

  5. Assign roles (admin) - Assign one or more roles to a user.

  6. Own profile - User can edit own profile, change password.

Trillo Workbench Authentication System

Trillo User Management includes a built-in authentication system. It features:

  1. Login using user id and password.

  2. reCaptcha (cloud configuration required).

  3. 2 Factor authentication (cloud configuration required, messaging service subscription required).

  4. Forgot password.

Managing Users of External Authentication System

When an external identity provider (authentication system) is linked with the Trillo Workbench, a user is automatically created in the Trillo Workbench when the user logs in for the first time. This user is flagged as an external user in the Trillo Workbench and tracked by its unique key in the external system. The value of the key in the external system is stored in 'externalId' attribute of the user class. The external user's profile can be managed inside Trillo Workbench except that its email and userId can't be modified.

An external user can be assigned application specific roles and be a member of groups.

Support for User Signup

Normally there are two types of applications.

  1. An admin creates a user - example, an application used inside an enterprise.

  2. User signs up - Examples of such applications are SaaS applications, social media, shopping websites, etc.

Trillo Workbench can be configured to support the signup mode of the application.

Email Communication

An admin function requires email communications. These email communications are handled by Trillo Workbench using an external email services. Email templates are stored under domain metadata. They can be configured simply by editing HTML files.

Trillo Workbench verifies each user's email address by sending a secure link to the same email address and asking user to click on it (as is commonly used by several applications).

Example Screens

The following example screens are for the visuals of the user management application.

List of Users

An administrator can view a list of users, search in the list, upload a CSV file with a list of users for the bulk import.

New User

An admin can create a new user using UI by specifying its unique user id, email, initial password, phone, name, company and department. Since, like any other table, the user table is also metadata driven, the user profile and form can be customized to suit the application needs.

More Admin Actions

An admin can perform following actions by selecting a row menu (by clicking on 3 dots).

  1. Edit user profile.

  2. Change the user password.

  3. Temporarily suspend the user.

  4. Permanently delete the user.

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