This chapter describes settings (configuration) required for integration (writing) flexible and configurable apps. The important categories are discussed below.


Every application in Trillo Workbench features a set of configurable properties, allowing admins to tailor settings based on their environment. As an example, what template to use for sending a certain types of email. These properties are further divided into two sub-categories.

System Properties

These are properties that are used by the Trillo Workbench for certain built-in functionalities. For example, the name of template file to be used for sending "forgot password" email. The key (name) are retained, but the value can be changed.

Custom Properties

Custom properties are entirely defined and managed by users (admin), as opposed to system properties with fixed keys.

Trillo Workbench provides APIs to read a list of properties or a single property given its name.

API Credentials

API credentials are used for issuing credentials by Trillo Workbench and used for accessing its APIs.

Users can issue API credentials for programatic access to its APIs. It supports client-credentials and password grant. These are discussed in the chapter "Using Trillo Workbench APIs".

Admins can create and manage multiple API credentials for a single application client.

Adding a New Credential

Generating New Credentials

Once a new instance (by giving it a name) is created, a user can generate credentials for it.

Services Authorization

Service Authorization is used for adding credentials of external services so Trillo Workbench can use them for integration (invoking their APIs) or login using authorization code flow.

Under Service Authorization, you define URLs and credentials of external services including identity. The chapter OpenID Connect (OIDC) discuss the authorization code flow settings. You can specify setting of all type of OAuth2 grants.

The following screen shows a service authorization settings for Google Identity.

Using Secret Manager with Service Authorization

Trillo Workbench API seamlessly resolves any value if it starts with $ (leveraging the Google Secret Manager). For example, instead of specifying the value of client_id as "", you can specify $google_idp_client_id. Trillo Workbench will replace the string $google_idp_client_id with the value of "google_idp_client_id" in secret manager (notice secret manager lookup key is without $).

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