Task History

This section discusses how to work with task history User Interface (UI) page.

The task history page shows a list of tasks that have been completed/in progress/failed, along with their start date, duration, status, and other relevant information. The page also includes several features that allow users to easily manage and view their task history, including:

  • Filtering and sorting: Users can filter and sort the task list by a variety of criteria, such as task name, status, and completion date. This allows users to quickly find specific tasks or groups of tasks.

  • Searching: Users can search the task list by keyword to quickly find tasks that contain specific information.

  • Task details: Each task in the list includes a link to a page that provides more detailed information about the task, such as its inputs, outputs, and execution logs.

  • Task status: The task status icons provide a quick visual indication of the status of each task (e.g., completed, failed, or in progress).

  • Task messages: The task message column displays any messages that were generated during the task execution. This information can help troubleshoot problems or understand why a task failed.

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