Scheduling a Backend Task

This section discusses how to create scheduler and use them to trigger backend task based on cron expression.

The scheduling allows the activation of a function or workflow at designated times or intervals. It provides the flexibility to set input parameters, if needed, for the function or workflow. Additionally, it offers the capability to start or stop the scheduler. For creating a cron job, the instructions provided at the following link can be followed:


  • Navigate to the "Schedules" tab, click on the three dots, and choose the "New Schedule" option.

  • Enter the Scheduler name and click "OK."

  • On the left side, choose the recently created scheduler. Provide the cron job, function/workflow name, and description.

  • After adding the details, click on the Save icon located in the top right corner. Start the scheduler when you are ready.

  • The function specified in form is executed as per the cron expression by passing the specified parameters.

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