This document describes how to use Trillo Workbench. Trillo Workbench is also referred to as the Trillo platform in this document.

Trillo Workbench

Trillo Workbench is a platform that can be used by:
  • Backend Developer - to develop a serverless backend of an application - scalable, enterprise-class, and even multi-tenant.
  • UI Developer - as API server to build UI using AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue, iOS/Andriod apps, Ionic, etc.
  • Editor - to design reports, charts, dashboards.
  • End-users - to view reports, charts, dashboards.
Trillo Workbench platform consists of a backend and UI.
  • Trillo Workbench Backend - it consists of a set of scalable microservices running on Google Cloud using Kubernetes. They are deployed in a customer's Google Cloud Environment.
  • Trillo Workbench UI - A single UI for developer, editor, end-user, and admin. Based on the role of the user the available menu option becomes available or not available.
Trillo Workbench UI
Next, we will see how to build an enterprise class application's backend using Trillo Workbench.
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