Application refuses to connect or gives errors

If application refuses to connect then it can be due to multiple reasons:

Application is shut down due to some reason which needs to be checked inside the logs. You can bring it back up by running the following commands on the VM instance. In the majority of cases this will solve the problem.

sudo su
cd /opt/trillo

Download error - The specified key does not exist

Sometimes, when files are ingested directly into the bucket (without using the file manager), the front-end gets out of sync. In that case, please follow these steps and see if you are able to download.

  1. Click the Group-Folders

  2. Press the 3-dotted button

  3. Click "Refresh Folder..."

  4. Wait until the process is complete (second diagram).

  5. Try the download again.

Docker service is not running

Sometimes the software of docker is updated on the host machine and it does not start the docker. Run the following command to start it.

sudo service docker start

Still finding issues...

Remove the previous installation by going to the deployment manager and removing the deployment. Once it is removed then reinstall the software from the marketplace using the same steps.

Email Us:

Upload file. It failed with "no JSON input found"

If you take a look at the cloud logs of this VM, you will notice the following error.

ERROR: (gcloud.auth.activate-service-account) Could not read json file /var/secrets/google/key.json: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)

If you SSH into your machine then the content of this file will be zero - /opt/trillo/secrets/google/key.json

This means that the installer was not been able to get the service account json details in the into this file. When it happens then please add content manually by downloading the json key of the file-manager service account. Once you have downloaded the key file then copy its contents into the file on the file manager VM location /opt/trillo/secrets/google/key.json

Note: you need to become root user using 'sudo su' in order to edit this file - /opt/trillo/secrets/google/key.json

The following picture shows how to download the key for the service account of the file manager.

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