Trillo File Manager
    Once a user account is created it can be used to transfer the files using the SFTP. The credential of user remain as defined for the UI. In addition, a user can add as many as public keys as needed for the password less authentication.
    Once a user is created, the Home and Group-Folders are mapped on for the SFTP. The files and folders can only be transferred under these folders. Such an operation with FileZilla SFTP client is shown below.
    When transferring files via the command-line one can use the commands similar to what are shown below.
sftp -oIdentityFile=~/.ssh/id_rsa [email protected] <<EOF
mkdir Home/today
put ./2020-03-05_00-02-06.png Home/today
put ./2020-03-05_15-28-13.png Home/today

SFTP Client installation and Usage

Mounting on Windows, Linux and MacOS

Use one of the clients:
Note: Using SFTP as a distributed filesystem is using it for something it's not designed for. The ability to cache, read ahead or detect network disruptions is dependent on the quality of the implementation of the client, which has to do with an underlying protocol not designed for this purpose.
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