• Once a user account is created it can be used to transfer the files using the SFTP. The credential of user remain as defined for the UI. In addition, a user can add as many as public keys as needed for the password less authentication.

  • Once a user is created, the Home and Group-Folders are mapped on for the SFTP. The files and folders can only be transferred under these folders. Such an operation with FileZilla SFTP client is shown below.

  • When transferring files via the command-line one can use the commands similar to what are shown below.

sftp -oIdentityFile=~/.ssh/id_rsa saqib@apps-35-238-185-249.trilloapps.com <<EOF
mkdir Home/today
put ./2020-03-05_00-02-06.png Home/today
put ./2020-03-05_15-28-13.png Home/today

SFTP Client installation and Usage

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