Application Install

Start the File Manager VM

The virtual machine is stopped therefore start it.

Bring up the Application Site

  • Once the VM started, wait for 15 minutes to allow installation to complete then click the external IP address to bring up the Application startup page.

  • For the first time you will go through the following sequence.

  • All other users can use the file manager from this point on words. The password for the admin account is always different and unique for your installation. Your instance has a metadata field ADMIN_PASSWORD (as shown above) which can be used to enter the application for the admin user.

  • Bookmark the File Manager application URL and share with the rest of team.

  • Please note that the administrative account (admin) is not meant for normal file manager operations. Instead, it is used to create other users accounts.

Optional: SSH into VM

  • Become root user using sudo su and cd /opt/trillo

  • Run tail -f install-*.log command to inspect the install progress. The install file will be different for your case but there will be only one. Once it is reaches the line that says congratulation! server is running at ... then hit Control+C to break. You will get back to the prompt as shown below.

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