Preparing VM

File Manager VM

On the compute engine page you will notice that the file manager virtual machine has been deployed. We will select this virtual machine and stop it. We need to provision it correctly to install the software.

Preparing FM VM

Once the virtual machine is completely stopped then you can edit it. We want to set three things correctly before it and install the application.

  1. Reserve an IP address so that valid certificates can be obtained.

  2. Allow both HTTP & HTTPS so that the server can be accessed via HTTPS. HTTP is only needed for certificate renewal.

  3. Assign the correct service account to this virtual machine. You have already created a service account for this machine during the pre-installation phase.

These three steps are highlighted in the following figure

Step-1: Reserve IP address

Create the new external IP address as shown below. Click "Done" when finished.

Step-2: Allow HTTP & HTTPS

Step-3: Set the Service Account

Save VM settings

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