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This page provides a short summary of other document pages.
This is a guide on how to get started with Trillo Workbench. It is used by the following type of users.
  • Developers: To build the serverless application.
  • Admin: To create other users of the workbench and the actual application.
  • Editor: To designing reports, charts, and dashboard.
  • End-User: To view reports, charts, and dashboards.
  • UI Developer: To create and view APIs (UI Developer can also be assigned Developer role).
  • Anyone: Anyone such as architect, project manager, product manager, etc to acquire a deep understanding of Trillo Workbench.
This document provides a reference to the SDK APIs available in the Trillo Serverless Functions. In addition to that, there are several open-source APIs available to functions. This is used by the following type of users:
  • Developers: Implementing business behavior as serverless functions.

Trillo Workbench Restful APIs

This document provides a reference to the application APIs published by Trillo Workbench (based on the database schemas, functions, services specified within it). This is used by the following type of users:
  • UI Developers: To integrate UI built using other frameworks such as AngularJS, ReactJS, etc. with the application built using Trillo Workbench.
  • Integration Developers: Any developer who wants to use the application APIs in other applications.
It is a low-cost application available through the Google marketplace for secure file sharing, upload, download using HTTPS and SFTPS. It provides a UI to organize files in folders, share them with groups.
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