Trillo Documents

This document provides a map of all documents. It covers following three products.

  • Trillo Workbench - an application development platform. The following two products are built on the top of it.

  • Trillo File Manager - a DropBox or Box like product for cloud buckets.

  • Trillo Doc AI - document management using Generative AI / Large Language Models (LLMs).

This document provides an overview of the following topics.

  • What is the Trillo Workbench?

  • What other products in the market, it compares with (competition or analogy).

  • How it works?

You can follow it up by reading the following documents.

  • Trillo Workbench User Guide - complete Trillo Workbench described using screenshots.

  • Trillo Workbench Developer Guide - details for architects, and developers. Product/ engineering managers of all levels will find it useful to get an idea of the topics covered.

It contains Trillo Workbench described using screenshots.

It provides details for a variety of personas - primarily for architects and developers. Product and engineering managers will also find it useful to relate things with the Trillo Overview.

This document describes Trillo Workbench UI (console UI) using screenshots. It provides an excellent overview of Trillo Workbench capabilities. A quick browse through it will help you learn more about Trillo Workbench. Business and engineering people both will find it useful

It walks through the steps of adding application functionality to Trillo Workbench.

This is a restful API of Trillo Workbench. It can be used in any language.

It is Java SDK of the same API (Python toolkit will be available in Jan 2024. Currently you can use Trillo Restful APIs from Python functions).

It is Python SDK of the same API (Python toolkit will be available in Jan 2024. Currently you can use Trillo Restful APIs from Python functions).

UI Development Overview

This document describes Developing UI using Trillo Workbench. You will learn that it is like developing for any other restful API. This document highlights specifics such as environment settings, URL conventions, etc.

Web UI Development using Angular

It is an example of developing WEB UI using Angular. Since all UI frameworks use server APIs in the same way. You can extrapolate how it will work for React or Vue.

Mobile UI Development using Flutter

It is an example of developing a mobile UI using Angular.

The following horizontal application platforms can be used out of the box. Since they are built on the top of Trillo Workbench, you can customize them and enhance them with new functionality.

Trillo File Manager is an application for file ingestion and management using cloud storage buckets. You can ingest files using SFTP (HA), UI, or APIs. You can organize files into folders.

Trillo Doc AI is a document management system built using Document and Generative AI. It features a pipeline consisting of steps, document ingestion, content extraction, and post-processing for summarization and embedding. It stores embedding vectors in any of vector databases such as Chroma, Alloy DB, PgVector, etc. It provides a high-performance RBAC service with record and column-level access control.

Document document Trillo Workbench in your private cloud.

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