Building application server using Trillo Workbench


1. You can find the source code of each lesson in the trillo-tutorial repo organized in the following folder.
/lessons/<lesson title> - main folder for lesson containing code.
/lessons/<lesson title> - /lessons/<lesson title>/data for any example data
2. Each lesson provides a link to the solution pretty much like your highschool math book.
3. Lessons are divided into two streams.
  • Development using Trillo Workbench UI: These lessons can be exercised using Trillo Workbench UI. They are related to metadata for database schema. A few simple functions are covered under this stream.
  • Development using IDE: You would perform these lessons using an IDE. As a part of the lesson you can extend the function to add new features.
4. For lessons you should have cloned the following github repo (public).


  1. 2.
    Review its readme file. Also fulfill its prerequisites..
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