New classes using workbench UI

A new class is added to the data source. It is the same as a database table (generalized using UML class to support different types of databases).

Code location in repo: /lessons/New_classes_using_workbench_UI


  1. Navigate to the "Data Source" section within the Trillo Workbench.

  2. Choose the desired database by selecting its name; for instance, navigate to "shared > common."

  3. Create a new table by clicking on the corresponding option and provide a name and description for the table, such as the “Customer” table.

  1. Once the Customer table is created, access the "Manage Table" tab. Here, add column names, specify their data types, and configure any relevant properties.

  1. Save the table properties by clicking on the save icon located in the top-right corner.

  2. Repeat the same process for creating tables for "Order" and "LineItem."

Similar Concepts



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