Save many records into tables using the workbench UI

In this exercise we will add a few records to each of the tables created above by invoicing API using Trillo Workbench. In normal development, you will invoke these APIs from a client program after reading a file from the source system such as a file or API.

Code location in repo: /lessons/Save_many_records_using_WB_UI

  1. After creating the Customer table in the previous steps, navigate to the table.

  2. Access the "API" section and select the "Save Many" endpoint.

  1. Enter the data in the request body as an array of JSON objects for insertion. For example:

    "firstName": "Sam",
    "lastName": "Hodar",
    "phone": "+1412772922",
    "email": ""
  1. Click on the "Test" button. In the response, check the status of each record. If "inserted": true is present, the record was successfully inserted.

  1. Repeat the same process for the Order and LineItem tables, following the steps mentioned above for each table.

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