Introduction to Code Lessons

The following exercises use code. The code is written in Java (simple core java). In future, Python examples will be provided.

Note: You can write code using Trillo Workbench UI. It works for a simple program. If you need to use a source line debugger then writing code using local IDE makes more sense. The first lesson will show both ways.

The following lessons cover important concepts of Trillo Workbench and how to program it using serverless functions (referred as Trillo functions). Trillo functions are different from GCP/Azure functions or AWS lambda in the following way.

  1. They don’t deal with the database connection management, and complexities of the cloud. They use Trillo Workbench SDK API, which hides complexities. This means that the Trillo Workbench is required to run them.

  2. Trillo Workbench acts as a restful API gateway with OAuth2 security layer therefore API gateway configuration is not required.

  3. Trillo Workbench deploys them..

  4. Trillo Workbench abstraction makes them cloud agnostic.

The following sections describe a few concepts that would be used in the lesson. They are simple and obvious therefore not repeated with each lesson.

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