Trillo Security and Compliance on Google Cloud

Trillo Security and Compliance on Google Cloud


  • Shift in Customer Focus: Trillo customers are increasingly prioritizing security alongside cost-effectiveness. We recognize this need and have made security a core focus in delivering our solutions.

  • Google's Security Foundation: By building on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we leverage Google's rigorous security standards and infrastructure.

  • Our Commitment: Security is deeply embedded in our company culture, development processes, and cloud operations. This document outlines our approach to protecting your data within the GCP environment.

  • Compliance Note: For details on GCP compliance certifications, please visit [link to relevant Google Cloud compliance page].

Security Culture

  • Dedicated Teams: Trillo maintains dedicated security and privacy teams. They proactively guide the design and execution of our security practices throughout our applications and operations.

Operational Security

  • Vulnerability Management: We employ multiple tools and processes (commercial, custom-built, penetration testing) to continuously scan for vulnerabilities. Identified issues are prioritized and assigned for rapid remediation.

  • Monitoring: We utilize GCP monitoring tools with a focus on application activity, user actions, and external threat intelligence to track potential security concerns.

  • Incident Management: We follow Google Cloud incident management procedures, providing clear escalation paths and a 24/7 response team to ensure swift resolution of security events.

Organizational Policies

We recommend implementing the following Organization Policies for enhanced control:

  • Skip default network creation: Enforces custom networking design for security.

  • Define allowed external IPs for VM instances: Limits exposure.

  • Domain restricted sharing constraint: Controls data sharing practices.

Network Security

  • Best Practices: Trillo adheres to GCP network security guidelines including Shared VPC, secure hybrid connectivity, and well-defined ingress/egress controls for your workloads.

Security Command Center

  • Centralized Visibility: We utilize Security Command Center to monitor cloud assets, detect threats, and manage access rights – safeguarding your sensitive data.

Access Management

  • Customer Data Ownership: We unequivocally affirm that your data is yours. Trillo does not access or use it for purposes beyond providing our services.

  • Administrative Access: Trillo strictly limits internal access to customer data on a need-to-know basis, adhering to the principle of least privilege.

  • Customer Admin Control: Your team maintains full control over administrative roles and permissions within your GCP environment.

Identity Management

  • Best Practices: We assist in mapping your existing identity provider to Google Cloud Identity services for seamless integration.

  • Principle of Least Privilege: Trillo champions this approach to minimize risk and grant only necessary access levels to users.

  • [Guidance]: Provide step-wise guidance or link to resources on utilizing RBAC and Google Groups for efficient access management


  • Data in Transit: Trillo uses strong encryption protocols (TLS) across connections and offers optional Cloud VPN for added transport-level security.

  • Data at Rest: We leverage GCP's built-in encryption and augment it with Trillo's custom encryption for sensitive user data.


  • High Redundancy: Trillo's architecture prioritizes redundancy across servers, storage, networking, and software to minimize single points of failure.

  • Resilience: We design for graceful error handling and real-time incident notifications for rapid response and minimal downtime.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Meeting Your Needs: Trillo understands your compliance requirements. We rely on GCP's robust compliance certifications, [link to relevant Google Cloud compliance page].

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