DSApi (Database APIs)

This section described database APIs. Each database API is a static method of a Java class called DSApi.

Some database APIs take a special parameter called auditMsg. It is optional. It is used to create an audit-log of database operations. When it is provided its behavior is as follows:

  • If auditMsg is non-blank then the provided string is logged into a special table called AuditLog_tbl.

  • If auditMsg is provided buts its value in an empty string or a string with the value "true", the system generates the log message which corresponds to the operation. For example, "Deleted <id of the record>.

  • Each log message has a timestamp, user-id of the user if the operation is performed in the context of a user.

Each database API is a static method of a special Java class called DSApi.

Primary Key

Each table created using Trillo Workbench creates the following columns. Each column except the id column is optional (can be removed). The column id is required for all newly created tables. Its type is BigInteger and it is auto-assigned by the database.

The list of columns (attributes assigned to the class) automatically created for a table is as follows:






The primary key of record, auto-assigned



The time of the creation of the record in UTC (epoch)



The time the record was updated last.



Trillo APIs "delete" do not delete a record. They mark the record as deleted. APIs A flag to indicate this record is logically deleted. It will be opaque in all queries and API unless a special flag is used to included deleted items.



The time the record was deleted.

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