Doc AI Use Cases and Architecture

Use Cases

IndustriesBusiness ProcessesFunctions

Financial Services (Insurance, Banks, Mortgage Companies, Real Estate, etc

Customer Service

Invoice/PO Processing


Sales Operations

Q & A



Document Indexing


Claim Processing

Intelligent Document Search


Accounts Payable

Document Summarization



GenAI with private content.

Trillo DocAI Architecture

The Document AI model can be divided into 4 subsections for ease of understanding.These are ordered as per logical dependencies. File Manager classes and Document Manager classes are at the same level. The file manager deals with the data ingestion and physical folder hierarchy. The document manager deals with the same files, treating them as documents. The document manager hierarchy is logical and not reflected on the cloud storage bucket. The document manager is responsible for text, image extraction from the documents (files) and storing in the Document AI Warehouse.

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